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Guided by its integrity and expertise, the Philippine Institute of Built Environment, Inc is the first school in the Philippines to offer a Higher National Certificate in Quantity Surveying.



Committed to instill educational services that enables students to access a wealth of knowledge in Quantity Surveying, PIBE is the premier institute to offer the global professional courses to those who have engineering foundation degree or engineering professionals, and non-engineering professionals who want to shift to the Quantity Surveying profession.

*Students of the Higher National Certificate in QS are required to enroll the full subject load per trimester.


PIBE provides a user-friendly enrollment procedure that allows applicants to submit their enrollment forms online.


PIBE is a premier institution drawn into providing educational services with utmost professionalism committed to total quality with never ending improvement services.






PIBE provides students a range of professional competencies through world-class education and training programs that allows them to create utilities and sustainable growth and development to produce experts in the QS field.

Higher National Certificate in Quantity Surveying

A program that provides students knowledge and skills in planning, and construction, PIBE helps you better understand the regulatory, technological, social, legal and economic contexts that emphasize the construction Industry.

The gateway to embark in professional higher studies for your degree, this program is designed to help students acquire a national diploma in quantity surveying.

This well-structured, academic and career-based accreditation is tailored to find better ways and methods for students to ensure their career path through understanding management principles, designing, and other applied courses which are integral to the programs.

An insight from a PIBE Pioneer Graduates

Eric Baclig

PIBE gave me the chance to meet quantity surveyors with different backgrounds (co-trainees and trainers). Being with these people for one year is a great adventure, meeting deadlines, unending discussions of approach to certain issues at the workplace and breaking the norm of inconsistencies we have encountered from our quantity surveying practices. We have common goals back then, to learn and re-learn.

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Glaiza L. Ablaza

PIBE exceeded my expectations. Instructors can combine the academic learning and actual work conditions. They are not just instructors; they are also our advisers in managing situations, conflicts or problems in our work.

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Louricka R. Estrellado

Attending the PIBE course is like riding the magic carpet in Aladdin. It will show you the world, the world of quantity surveying. Through the structured learning in PIBE, I get a bird's eye view of the world in quantity surveying. The course gets me to experience a guided tour into the phases and processes of a construction project including the activities and roles involved in each process. Life cycle of a project from client's briefing, designer's works, consultant's services, contractor's undertakings and to client's use, has been addressed establishing and increasing my understanding of managing a project to success.

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Emmalyn Asaytuno

Studying at PIBE is indeed a great investment for me to have a firm foundation on Quantity Surveying and its competencies. Not only basic knowledge was properly presented step-by-step, but also various workshops, take-home tasks, and open discussions that were conducted by excellent trainers helped me further understand and appreciate Quantity Surveying.

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Ana Cristina A. Encarnacion

I encourage everyone - newly grads who would like to venture into Quantity Surveying and even those who are in the field of QS already and would like to improve their knowledge and skills, to take the 1-year course offered by PIBE. I assure you that after taking this course, you are one step closer to a rewarding career and an internationally recognized profession.

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